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When you have to decorate a breakfast nook or the eating area in a small kitchen, you are faced with several dilemmas. First, there is not a lot of room. There isn’t a lot of floor space after you bring in the breakfast nook set because you want to utilize as much of the space as possible for seating in order to accommodate your entire family and any guests you may have. In addition, there is often little wall space because many breakfast nooks have windows on a majority of the walls, or have a very open floor plan with no walls. Because of the lack of space, you are forced to use utilitarian items in the breakfast nook area as decorating elements. One of the best choices you have for things that will help the modern window treatments.

Window treatments are necessary in a kitchen eating area or kitchen nook because sitting at the breakfast table can be uncomfortable with the sun directly in your eyes. The times that people typically sit down to eat in their breakfast nook are breakfast and dinner. Both of these times happen to coincide with sunrise and sunset much of the time. As a result there is a tremendous amount of glare and direct sunlight at those times. People need to find a way to block the harsh sunlight without shutting out natural light altogether. Therefore they choose kitchen blinds over heavy light canceling curtains.

Even though most homeowners today prefer blinds over kitchen curtains, but they still use tie back curtains and window valances over the blinds for aesthetic reasons. Tie back curtains are actually just imitations of curtains and only have enough fabric to give the illusion of a curtain tied back to the side. If you let the tie back curtains fall, they will not cover the entire window. There is one problem with tie back curtains, though. The hardware that you need to hang them can be unattractive. As a result, many homeowners turn to window valances.

Valances are small curtain decorations that cover the very top of a window and any hardware used to hang blinds or tie back curtains. They are typically in a box shape and can come in a wide variety of window valance styles, fabrics, and colors. The valances can not only bring color and texture to a breakfast nook in a way that kitchen furniture cannot, they also can help to tie the breakfast nook and kitchen together. For example, if you hang your window valances so that the top of the valance is level with the top of the kitchen cabinets, a line is created that ties the two rooms together. Decorators are always looking for ways to get an observers eye to flow from one room to the next without an interruption and window valances can help.

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