Window Treatment Nirvana and the Right Combination of Shutters and Window Blinds

Some choices in life are just meant to be a challenge: choosing to wear white before Memorial Day, or committing to see a popular movie on opening night. But by far, making the decision to decorate a room with shutters or blinds is one of the most difficult choices you’ll make. But don’t fret. Achieving the just-right mix of modern window treatments is actually a piece of cake if you follow a few, simple rules.

A word of advice

Measure, hold up fabric swatches, painted and/or stained pieces of wood, jot down all the facts and gather it all together. Then jump in the car and head off to the local hardware super store where you discover do-it-yourself is not necessarily do it the right way. When it comes to window treatments, ready made blinds and shutters aren’t nearly as spectacular in design or looks as ones that are custom made to fit your windows. Window treatments such as window blinds and shutters are an investment in your home, your sense of style, and your peace of mind.

Some rooms just speak to you

Stand in the middle of the room and study your windows, furnishings, rugs, wall colors, flooring—whatever gives motion and emotion to the room. When choosing between shutters and blinds, it’s not only about what’s practical, but what looks and feels right as well. A kitchen is a high-traffic area, but it’s also considered the heart of the home.  In such a situation, kitchen blinds are a wonderful fit. Whether painted or stained and finished if they are wooden blinds, or maybe a cellular blind, they can dress up any room, yet do it in a way that speaks of fun and family.

When it comes to regulating light, double-tiered shutters can work wonders. Open louvers on top allow in the light, while closed louvers on the bottom not only save furniture and carpets from fading under harsh sunlight, they provide a good amount of privacy as well. And faux wood shutters (shutters made from a polymer and wood pieces) resist warping even in highly humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, while still looking beautiful and elegant.

Chameleon blinds

Blinds, on the other hand, are lovely, versatile, and can easily make a personal statement about you and you decorating style. Today’s blinds come in wood, metal, woven fabrics, and traditional plastic. A pair of panel blinds with a valance in the living room for a rich, sophisticated look. Or install something lighted-hearted and colorful in a child’s bedroom. Blinds can be, literally, anything you want them to be.

Whatever the right combination of shutters and window blinds for your home’s interior design, consider the room’s function, but also let it speak to you. Custom shutters and blinds have a feel about them.  Designed to fit your home, they’re made to last, just as your beautiful window treatment are made to make a lasting impression.

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