Window Treatment Ideas And Window Treatment Patterns

window treatment ideas

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I really think that the patterns that you use in your window treatment ideas are going to be one of the wisest design decisions that you will make. I like to see a lot of different layers. Oftentimes they are going to have solid pieces such as window awnings or bamboo blinds. Then you can layer this with other pattern curtain fabrics. This ensures that at least part of your modern window treatments have a more classic appeal. It gives you a lot of options for the light in your room.

Usually the more layers you have as far as energy efficiency goes the better. Another reason this option is important because more formal and expensive lined curtains aren’t readily available at most stores. You will usually have to have these pieces custom made. Instead, you can save a lot more money just by using a lot of different textures. This is especially true when it comes to window treatments for sliding glass doors which will require a lot of fabric.

Offsetting the Trends

One reason I’d like to see pattern on your window treatment is that you’re going to see more solid colors of furniture. These are going to be very durable although they might be a little bit bland. You don’t necessarily have to match the pattern on your curtain to all of the other patterns in your room. For instance you could recover an ottoman in a paisley print, or use complimentary colors to colorful appliances like coca cola branded retro or mini fridges.

Then you could add in a chevron print that will be a little bit more contemporary on your windows. Just keep the same color palette for a cohesive look. If you look at a lot of designer rooms one thing that they know how to do is mix and match patterns along with solids. Oftentimes when you look at the vision boards they create you’ll really be surprised how many different swatches of fabric are on there. This is a step that a lot of home decorators often forget.

Squaring Up the Details

One of my favorite modern patterns right now is going to be the idea of a block print. It also has a little bit of a batik kind of feeling to it. You can create this yourself with a stencil. It doesn’t focus a lot on perfection. Instead, try out very bold patterns against white canvas looks.

This is probably one of the more transitional kinds of patterns that are available. It’s neither formal nor casual. It’s not country or modern. It just depends on the rest of your room when you are trying to determine which direction this should go in. If you want to make your room look like it was put together by a designer then pattern is essential.

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