Why Are Conservatories so Popular?

Have you ever thought about buying or at least finding out about a upvc conservatory as a low-cost way to increase your living space? You may also be wondering how you can build your own conservatory. There are kits available for this if you are a DIY type of person. Planning permission is much easier to obtain than for a brick extension, and may not even be necessary at all. The biggest advantage to many people is the lower level of disruption that is usually involved.

A upvc conservatory can be installed in four days, once the concrete plinth and groundwork is done. Compare that to the three months that even a ten foot square extension in traditional brick will take.

Lean to conservatory extensions are very common because they offer excellent value for money, as well as being a great product, and one of the easiest kits to construct if you are building it yourself.

A traditional extension causes light problems in the original room it is built onto. A conservatory improves light levels in the original room, making it a more pleasant, light and airy part of your home.

Lean to conservatories can double the size of your kitchen and give you a modern family room that will quickly become the center of your home. Conservatory designs vary and you are certain to find one that will complement your home and add value to it.

Lean to conservatories’ prices have fallen in recent years with new manufacturing techniques and increased competition between installation companies.

You need to be wary of brochure prices, whether you are looking for an installed unit or a kit, and you should always ask for an individual estimate, which will necessitate a site visit. You will need to sound very positive to persuade the company to commit to a visit, but it is the only way to get a realistic, all-inclusive estimate of conservatory prices that are available in your area. Brochure prices never include essential extras like conservatory blinds for roof and window panels, electrical sockets and heating. It is much more simple to have the conservatory installers fit any extra radiators and sockets that are needed than to try to persuade individual tradesmen to do such small jobs.

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