White Venetian Blinds In Your Bathroom? – Ask The Experts.

It is a good idea to ask an expert when you want advice, so when we wanted to know about white Venetian blinds and where they are most suitable we decided to ask some interior designers.  The tips that they gave us were very helpful.

They first told us that Venetian blinds have made quite a comeback in recent years. ‘These blinds were the only blinds that were really on the market 50 or so years ago’, one home designer said. ‘Then they became very unfashionable for a while, because they were only available in very austere colors and other more interesting blinds came along. You can now Venetian blinds in an array of colors and slat sizes and once again people can see the benefits in having them fitted’.

A white Venetian blind is very suitable in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, en-suites and other rooms such as the upvc conservatory where the perception of cleanliness is important. ‘They look clean and are easy to keep clean and this is what homeowners want in these rooms’, we were told.

In addition to their appearance, Venetian blinds are moisture repellant and in areas that steam and moisture may be lingering it is important to have a blind that will not become damp and show mold over time.

In addition to these attributes, Venetian blinds in general are excellent at controlling the light coming into the room as they can be easily adjusted.  The interior designers said that they combine well with other materials in a room for design purposes and so are easy to work with.  They are also flexible with regard to size, being able to be produced from one foot to ten feet sizes.

So if you are considering white Venetian blinds for your bathroom, then the experts think it is not a bad idea.  Not only that, but you could also take a new look at the great range of Venetian blinds that are available for conservatories, living rooms and other rooms in your home.

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