What to Consider Before Your Interior House Painting Estimate From The Painting Services

Deciding it was time for a change was a great move. Since, you’ve let your creativity flow, dreaming of the transformation you’ll create in your home. You imagine the lush, velvety colors that will soon blanket each wall, and the way you’ll feel every time you enter the rejuvenated room; but your fantasies are rudely interrupted when you realize you haven’t a clue what the painting services will charge for the work that you want done.

Enter CertaPro’s Interior House Painting Online Estimator. CertaPro Painters, painting contractors with an outstanding customer satisfaction and referral rating, has created an easy way to get an interior house painting estimate, right from where you’re sitting. First though, there are a few things you’ll want to know.

In order for CertaPro to generate an accurate interior house painting estimate you’ll need to provide some details about the area you want painted. There are many elements of your home to be considered in preparation for an estimate; there also may be elements of your home beyond walls and doors that deserve some brush love. Take a stroll around the house with this guide in hand.  Answering the following questions beforehand will save you some time:

  • What type of room would you like to have painted? (Estimate rooms individually if you’d like more than one room painted)
  • How high is your ceiling in feet?
  • Do you want your ceiling painted?
  • Do you have ceiling molding?
  • Do you want your walls painted?
  • Will a chair rail be painted?
  • Will a baseboard be painted?
  • Will any wainscoting be painted?
  • How many closets will be painted?
  • How many of each type of house windows are in the room? (single pane, multiple pain, bay, sash)
  • How many of each type of door are in the room? (sliding glass patio doors, bi-fold, louvered or paneled, paneled with window, upvc French doors)
  • Do you have wall mounted display cabinets, kitchen cupboards, staircases, built-in wall units, or fireplaces you’d like painted? If so, you’ll want to get an on-site evaluation, as these items are harder to ballpark price. You can schedule a free interior house painting estimate with a CertaPro Professional by visiting the CertaPro Painters website or by calling Call (800) 689-7271.

Now that you’re crystal clear on the work you want done, that beautifully painted room of your fantasies isn’t so far. In fact, it’s just a few clicks away. You’re ready for that interior house painting estimate. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website, and insert the information you just discovered. Once submitted, you’ll receive the personalized estimate. Next step: go ahead. Dream away.

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