Use Window Valances

If you are tired of having to open and close the curtains or experiencing the situation where the sun is shining through on the top half of the window, then you can use window valances to solve this problem. Blinds will do the trick as well but some people just prefer curtains so in this situation, valances can be just the thing you’re looking for.

Since window treatments are used for blocking out light and to add some privacy, having the right ones can be important. Window valances won’t give you much privacy, but they are more decorative in nature. However, they do help to block out light when you want some going into your home but not too much.

These types of fabrics are most commonly used in the kitchen area but can also be used in other rooms as well. One specific type of valance is the Waverly window valances. Just like with any other company, you can find all different types of window valance styles and designs to help you match the decor of your home. Valances will cover only the top section of your window so they are really more for decorative purposes.

Since these valances are decorative in nature, there will naturally be a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. Anything from different patterns to colors to prints can be found. If you like apples, then you can get one with pictures of apples on them. If you like pink, you will find many different shades of pink too choose from. There definitely isn’t a short supply of choices that you will have.

Window valances can be installed quite easily. They just basically attach to your curtain rod. Just like buying curtains or blinds, you will need to do some measurements in order to make sure you’re getting the right size. This will depend on the look you want. Some people prefer for the valance to be flush with the sides of the windows while others like it to be a bit wider than the house windows. You will need to choose accordingly.

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