uPVC Window Advantages

One of the most common home improvement projects today is the replacement of standard windows with more modern double glazed windows. Some of the advantages to this are that they are less susceptible to condensation on the windows; they are more energy efficient, cutting down on high heating costs. If you live in the city they will also cut down on the constant outside noise and the built in locks will also bring peace of mind.

Upvc windows are very low maintenance usually only requiring an occasional cleaning; where as wooden framed windows will usually warp and rot over an extended period of time if they are not highly maintained. They require that the old paint be stripped off and any damage repaired before they are repainted with high quality paint for protection. This is an expensive job to hire done, or a lot of time consuming work if you do it yourself.

A lot of people don’t like a uPVC Window but this comes mostly from older windows which were not built as sturdy as today’s windows and were only available in one color. With the improvements that are built into today’s upvc windows they will not rot or decompose or fade to another color as they age. They are built with multiple chambers in the frame of the window much like the chamber of a double glazed window causing them to be highly energy efficient.

Wooden windows are usually the more costly window today and a good hard wood would be the best choice for a wooden window they are becoming fewer choices as vinyl windows become more common. The frame on a wood window is usually a bit thicker than metal or upvc to give it the same strength and to cut down on rotting though it still must be painted every few years. The upvc windows have many chambers built into the frame its self with gaskets built in to provide a water tight seal. They also are usually built with some form of metal reinforcement built in to provide additional strength.

Metal windows can also be built with double glazing but with the advent of the upvc windows they have become less popular. The metal windows are strong and harder to break into, but they are not as good an insulator which requires them to take longer to be cost effective so they have become less popular, so the choices have gone down as well as a decrease in the number of experienced installers.

Upvc windows today come in many styles and finishes. You can choice from a standard upvc sash window to large bay window and every thing in between, and from just about any color to wood grain finishes that would be hard to tell from the real thing.

Standard windows account for the majority of heat loss in the standard home. Double glazing properly installed can cut a lot of that heat loss and it will show in your reduced heating bills, and it’s also good for the environment. So for all of these reasons having upvc windows installed just makes a lot of sense.

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