Types of Cordless Cellular Blinds


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Cellular (or honeycomb) blinds are generally recognized as being more energy-efficient than other types of blinds. They are made of individual cells glued together, creating tiny pockets of air that provide insulation against the sun, making it easier to cool a room. The more cells, the greater the insulation the blind provides.

Cordless Cellular Blinds

There are two types of honeycomb blinds. Apart from the regular corded variety, there are cordless cellular blinds that allow you to raise and lower the blinds by just pulling them. There is also a top-down bottom-up type in which you can raise the bottom or lower the top, which allows you to have some privacy while still letting light into the room. And of course there are remote controlled electric blinds.

Translucent and Blackout Blinds

You can also buy cordless cellular blinds that allow different amounts of light in. Translucent blinds let in light while blocking images while blackout blinds block nearly all outside light from coming in, which is useful for night-shift workers who have to sleep during the daytime.

Regulate Light with Commercial Blinds

Ever wondered why that specific spot in your establishment is vacant? Well, it is mainly because of the blinding heat of the sun. What you need to do is buy one of the commercial blinds that are sold in different furniture shops in your town and changes will be seen immediately.

Commercial blinds range from various styles and designs nationwide. Shapes can be vertical or horizontal so that fit can be assured even for the most intricate windows. Styles, on the other hand, range from the use of fabric, PVC, blackout, solar reflective to dim outs. You can browse several unique designs and colors from the web. Check for each specifications, warranties and some reviews for guidance. Control the light shining in your space and use these constructive blinds for your client’s convenience. These also make very efficient conservatory blinds.

Woven Wooden Blinds

Homeowners choose different kinds of blinds for the windows of the house depending on what look they are after. Varied materials would be needed depending on the overall feel of the space.
Textured Light from Wooden Blinds
A set of pinoleum blinds is an example of those that have a very distinctive look. These kinds of blinds are woven in a pattern that filters sunlight. This results to a more subtle effect for the natural light coming into the room.

How to Choose Wooden Blinds

Quality pinoleum blinds are made of real wood. This means that they have natural insulating properties. To make it more effective as blinds, it would be best to find sets that are lightweight. The best part about getting this kind is that the classic appeal of wood adds a lot to complete the look of a room. Using wood always result to a more plush yet welcoming atmosphere in the room.

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