Touch Lamps and Can Lights: Keys to Cutting your Remodeling Costs

$620 in 31 twenty-dollar bills.

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If you’re contemplating a remodeling project in the near future, it’s helpful to plan well in advance. There are a number of pitfalls that befall hapless remodelers, but most of them are traceable to lack of proper planning. We’ll discuss the remodeling costs you should apply to your project, then cover a couple of specifics about what is arguably the most important aspect of your redecorating or remodeling project: the lighting solutions you choose for your new space.

The most important consideration as you begin planning your remodeling project is your available budget. Because most failed remodeling projects falter due to budget problems, it’s important to ensure you have thought through all of your budget considerations well in advance, and planned for unforeseen problems. Most remodeling projects exceed their budgets by a sizable amount – upwards of 1/4 to 1/3 – so it’s important to plan a pad. If you plan to spend only 75% of your maximum allowable budget, you’ll leave the remaining 25% to cover contingencies. This bit of discipline will be well worth it.

Among the more expensive redecorating elements is the lighting you choose, but it’s extremely important to the overall quality of your project. Can lights, also known as recessed ceiling lights, are a great way to spotlight a particular area, but are not terrific for generating cozy ambiance. For this purpose, floor and table lamps serve much better. Touch lamps are an elegant addition, as they operate without visible switches, chain pulls, or wall switches. They turn on and off by simply touching the lamp itself. Your body acts as a capacitor, or electrical storage device, and the sensitive electronics inside the touch lamp can discern the difference in order to turn on or off your lamp.

If you make sure to allot sufficient funds to complete your project, and carefully plan your lighting solution, you’ll have a much greater probability of a successful project.

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