Three Ways to Brighten Your Living Space without Repainting

I have always heard, “Do not paint your room a dark color or it will make it look smaller.” This is correct in some cases, but not in all. The difference in these cases depends upon light. If the room has enough light, it can handle a dark or bold paint color. There are many ways, you can brighten or lighten a room without sacrificing your wall color. Window treatments, flooring and countertops, and accent art are great ways to brighten a living space.

Modern window treatments are the most obvious way to let light in, but by choosing a lighter colored curtain or panel blinds it also allows you to lighten the room when they are closed. Window treatments cover a large area in your room, especially if you have something like patio doors, so opting for a lighter shade or curtain can visually change the look and feel of the room. Or you might want to look into some decorative window film which will give you some privacy while still allowing the light in.

Another way to brighten up your dark living area is by changing your flooring or countertops. If you have dark walls, you will want a contrast in the flooring. Select lighter carpet or hardwood flooring to get a brighter outcome. If it’s not in your budget to change the flooring in your home, purchase several light colored area rugs and place them in key areas of your room.

Changing your countertops just to add a lighter color to your kitchen can be expensive. Investing in cheap prefabricated granite countertops that will contrast with your dark walls is a cost effective way to lighten up your kitchen and give it a makeover in one shot. If you still cannot afford it, consider changing out your sink tap with a lighter color tap. There are many different styles and colors of kitchen sink taps available and some are very affordable.

Accent art or other knick knacks in your room can do more than just look good. These objects have the ability to lighten dark areas in your home. Instead of purchasing a planter pot that matches your wall color, opt for a lighter shade of that color. This will not only naturally draw your eyes to the pot, but lighten up that part of the room.

Using darker colors on your walls is possible. Enjoy your dark paint, while lightening the room with window treatments, flooring and countertops, and accent art.

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