The Old and New Styles of Eyelet Curtains

There are several different designs to choose from when shopping for curtains. There is the basic panel style, which is a flat piece of material with nothing extra added as trim or embellishment. A variation on this design may include some type of ruffle effect on the panel to make it more decorative. There are also styles known as eyelet curtains, which have an intricate lacing of eyelets or small openings along the border of the fabric. This might be the design of the ruffle piece or it might be some other trim on the panel.

These small laced openings create a dainty appearance to the material that is often used for feminine rooms. You will find these curtains used as bedroom curtains, because they have a softer appearance to them. You will find many of these styles in white, although there are a few in other shades of pastel colors. This style is generally found in the shorter types of panels and is also used as the curtain for a kitchen. There is a new line of the eyelet style that is being introduced as a full length panel in assorted colors and patterns.

This new style is known as embroidered eyelet curtains and can be found in lots of different colors and designs to fit in with more types of d├ęcor in a home. These are usually created to be rod style curtains and may have the new tab pocket design. This longer style can be used in formal settings, such as a living room or dining room, as well as in a bedroom. They are available in various types of materials, which may be man made synthetics or natural cottons. Whether your home is styled in old world furnishings or contemporary items, you will find a type of eyelet curtain that will enhance the look of your house windows.

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