The Key to Comfortable Small Bathtubs

Even a small bathtub can provide a pleasurable bathing experience. The key to finding this level of comfort is to find the perfect fit. Before shopping, know exactly what size of small bathtubs will fit into the existing space. This is true for replacing the current tub, especially in a small bathroom, or for homeowners remodeling to expand their space.


A popular choice for small bathtubs is the freestanding claw foot bathtub. While these are small bathing units, they can take up more space than a built-in unit. The freestanding model sits a few inches away from walls and may have a more obtrusive design as well.

Still, the average ‘slipper tub’ measures only fifty eight to fifty nine inches long and approximately twenty nine inches wide. One model measures only fifty three inches! The advantage to these units is their depth, which starts at approximately twenty one inches and can be as deep as twenty nine.

Other free-standing models have contemporary designs and thus clean unobtrusive edges. A rectangular unit with clean edges can be installed in a surround built against or very close to the wall, conserving space. Minimal amounts of material allow for maximum bathing well space and increased comfort.

In the Corner

Fitting a corner bathtub into the forty five degree meeting point of the walls is an ideal solution to limited bathing space. A corner tub can be jetted with plenty of deck space for accessories or hardware, or it can have minimal edges; the less deck space, the more room to bathe or lounge in. Faucets are then mounted to manufacturer drilled holes in the decking or from the wall. The close proximity to the wall makes both solutions functional.

As with any bathtub, step into the model before buying it. If it isn’t comfortable in the showroom, it won’t be comfortable in your bathroom.

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