The Best Vinyl Windows Styles To Choose From When Picking Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Vinyl replacement windows come in different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and styles. Due to its flexibility in manufacturing and the ingenious designers, a broad selection of vinyl windows is available to you locally and on the internet. Search for the best vinyl windows styles and varieties and select the one that best suits your home.

Double hung Windows – This classic window style has been around for centuries, popular since the Victorian Era. These vinyl windows are usually found in American homes, old and new. Opening and closing involves sliding the windows vertically upwards or downwards. Double-hung vinyl windows are lightweight and easy to manipulate and maintain. Most windows can be tilted to make cleaning easy from inside the house.

Bay Window – Bay windows add beauty and space to your home. This is a popular design for the living room, providing a broader view of the outside. These are perfect at beachfront houses and homes that have access to a great natural vista.

Awning – This type of window is a classic. Swing it open from the hinges located at the top or middle of the window. Depending on your preferences, you can have the window open at the topmost part or only halfway down its height.

Casement Window – This is a classic window type. Casement windows or double casement windows open and close just like a door. It consists of side-hinges and often with a hand crank for locking and unlocking it. It is common in European and countries and in other parts of the world.

Sliding Window – Popular in patios and beach houses, sliding windows are great for the kitchen and rooms where you don’t want to knock down anything. These windows are common in most homes and include two or more sashes that slide sideways to open and close. Using vinyl replacement windows in this style, it will be easier to open them due to the PVC’s lightweight quality.

Picture Window – Picture windows are aptly named for their unmoving nature. They are also called fixed windows since they cannot be opened or closed. They are often part of a multi-window system and provide aesthetic values to a home.

Architectural Shapes – They can be any shape, curve, or size. Architectural shaped windows do not have fixed measurements and a designer has control over its style. Vinyl replacement windows will work great in this style since the PVC material in vinyl windows can be customized to any form according to the desired style.
Vinyl window treatments offer variety in style, shape, size and color. You only need to choose according to what’s best for your home. Leave the rest to the manufacturers and contractors.

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