The Best Places To Hang Framed Mirrors

looking at framed mirrors

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It is not a fixed home decor statement that all large mirrors should be hang up over the usual fire place mantle, today many people are getting more creative and they are going against the norm by placing these mirrors, or actually any framed mirrors, in the most unexpected places. Here is a summary of what the best of these are.

The bedroom dressing table, instead of going for the normal dressing mirror one can replace then with a large framed mirror. This would in most cases require the rectangular shape with detailing at the top but even so it should be as big as possible. The benefit of this would be to show off the bedding or the design of the head board, this can be achieved if the mirror is placed opposite and in a direct line with the bed. Whereas most people think of showing off the accessories in the living room, those in the bedroom can also be highlighted and even if they are not seen by everyone the ambiance created can lift the spirits of a person.

Placing the mirrors next to the doors would be an unlikely idea but if it is done so precisely then the effect would be tremendous. Placing tall mirrors near the door and alongside a large vase of flowers or a sculpture would create the effect of elegance at the most neglected area. When you want to wow your guests then the best way to do so is by investing in an elegant and bold design that will leave a strong statement.

Another of the best places to place these framed mirrors is the hallway; many of these spaces are often abandoned with little in the way of ornamentation. To spruce up the hallway, one can add a striking design that will make others stop for a while and appreciate its beauty. Formerly unnoticed wall paper or other features of the hallway can also he highlighted by simply hanging up a a framed mirror.

Instead of going for the usual flower centerpiece one can incorporate a small mirrors along with other decor additions like candles. This can only work where the table is placed next to the wall so that no breaking of the glass can occur. Gold frames on these mirrors can blend well with gold coated candlesticks to transform an otherwise dull table into a masterpiece.

Also with the table, a mirror can be placed behind a setting of food, say a buffet. This can bring out exciting reflections of the dishes and in turn act as part of the display.

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