Tecnologically Advanced Celotex Insulation

Celotex is an amazing insulation product for industrial and housing applications. From pitched and flat roofs, ceilings, walls, and floors, Celotex has you covered. There are several different products in the line for specific areas requiring insulation and/or soundproofing of walls and ceilings.

FR4000 is manufactured from rigid PIR (polyisocyanurate) offering enhanced thermal performance. It has a Class O fire rating and comes in thicknesses ranging from 25mm-150mm in sizes of 1200mm by 2400mm. The low emissive-textured aluminum foil-faced insulation boards are perfect for cavity air spaces such as pitched roofs, walls, and floors.

TD4000 is a quick and easy product to thermally insulate flat roofs where rare foot traffic will occur. It is made with a plywood upper facing suitable for exterior applications. The rigid PIR foam board is 5.5mm thick and works as a vapor controlled layer and insulates over joints providing long-term energy savings.

XR4000 is perfect for cutting to fit between joists and rafters giving a lower U-value in a single layer of insulation. It is great for floors and walls, is 110mm to 200mm thick with a low emissive foil face. It is the thickest available stock PIR insulation on the market today and is easy to cut/shape, gives long-term energy savings, and is perfect for solid masonry walls, timber-framed and steel-framed construction, floors, and pitched or flat roof systems.

PL4000 is a thermal insulation board bonded to a 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard, which cuts out a whole step in the wall covering. It is an excellent choice for direct bonding and mechanically fixed installing techniques. This product is an awesome choice for both remodeling and new construction.

EL3000 is the quick and easy way to achieve effective thermal insulation on flat roofs. It has a coated glass tissue face over PIR. This strong and durable product is rot proof, unaffected by hot/cold weather cycles, is easy to cut/shape and requires a minimal number of fixings. It is available in 50-150mm thicknesses.

Celotex insulation is a first rate product manufactured using blowing agents which have zero ODP (ozone depletion potential) and low GWP (global warming potential). The innovative technology employed in its manufacture makes it no only a “green” construction material, but an outstanding insulation for optimal energy savings. The wide selection of products for every application makes it a standout option for use in forward-thinking 21st century building construction.

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