Successfully Repair These Two Issues On Your Static Cling Window Film

You’ve had the same sheet of static cling window film installed on your kitchen window for the past couple of years. However, it just doesn’t look like it did when you installed it. You are beginning to see scratches on your film, and peeling of the film in the corners. You may think that it’s time to get rid of that sheet of film and replace it. If the damage is severe, then you’re probably right in that assessment. However, most minor cosmetic issues can be repaired. In this article, I will discuss how you can repair the two cosmetic problems mentioned above, without having to replace your window film.

Dealing With Scratches On Your Window Film

One of the many problems that come with owning privacy or decorative window film is that it can scratch very easily. After all, it is plastic. These scratches can come from something as little as someone brushing up against the window, or a young child throwing something against it. These scratches can often make the film unsightly, possibly defeating the purpose of buying the film. Fortunately for you, you can repair most scratches with the use of clear fingernail polish. Apply the polish to the scratches and let it set for a few hours. Over time, people won’t even recognize the scratches. You just have to be careful to confine the polish to the affected area only, as the polish could damage the film in other places.

Keeping Your Film From Peeling

Peeling from the windows is another common problem that is encountered when using static cling window film. There are two ways that you could go about repairing this. You could first wet the affected area with water from a spray bottle. Then, press the film back into position and dry it with a soft cloth. The drying action will help to generate a static charge that should help to keep the film on the window. If that doesn’t do it for you, then you can try heating the film with a hairdryer. Heating the film will make the film tacky and more pliable, so that it will conform and adhere to the window a lot easier. Just be careful not to overheat the film.

Peeling and scratches are two of the most frequently encountered problems when working with static cling window film. However, with a couple of simple solutions and a little bit of common sense, they are nothing that you cannot handle. For more information about privacy window film, or just window film, or window treatment ideas in general use our handy search feature.

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