Styles of Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

As you already know from searching various internet sites and resources, there are a variety of mirrored furniture choices from which to make your selection. It depends on the type of piece you are looking for, the price range and the room it will be used in. Also, you should keep in mind that how you use your furniture and how it works, in terms of decor, with your other pieces all makes a difference. We’ll cover some of these topics in a bit more detail here.

To begin with, you might be interested in what types or styles of mirrored bedroom furniture there actually are. In terms of types, there are really just as many as any other type of furniture. For example, there are end tables, dressers, dressing tables and armoires that are all designed in this theme. The mirrored pieces can be fully covering the wood or they may be used in more of a decorative or inlaid fashion. In modern designs, the mirrors are more polished and linear in appearance, often covering the entire surface of the furniture. In antique mirrored items, there are often more spaces as the technology or tools to fully cover the surfaces were not available.

Prices for these different pieces vary considerably. Just as a range, consider $500-1,000 USD to be the area where you’ll find a range of mirrored pieces. There can be some quite a bit more, especially for larger or more ornately created designs, famous designers or even elegant antiques. This is one area where a well-preserved piece can fetch thousands to the right buyer. If you’re just looking for a narrow hall table that is made of glass or covered in mirrors, you will probably be on the lower end of that price scale. Consider using a bowl or dish that can be placed on such a table if you wish to use it for keys, glasses and other items to be dropped off as the mirror or glass will get scratched and dulled over time.

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