Stay in Style with Pleated Blinds

The knife pleat is the basic pleat used in sewing.

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If you’ve been paying close attention to the latest trends in keeping your windows stunningly elegant—but without the hassles of installing traditional curtains—then let the classiness and practicality of a pleated blind keep you in the right direction. From your small kitchen to your living room, these blinds create stunning modern window treatments with an aesthetic effect which plays harmoniously with your wall decors and home furnishings.

With a touch of modern look, pleated blinds come in varying colors and sizes. They also provide privacy for your interiors by blocking the view from the outside. Interestingly, pleated blinds also block a substantial amount of heat, keeping your living space cooler during the summer. However, during the winter months, these stylish blinds do the trick in reverse—trapping heat from the inside, thus keeping your home comfortably warm.

If you’re zealous with conserving energy, then honeycomb blinds are also worth the try. Honeycomb blinds come in two or more layers of pleats joined together, creating a “honeycomb” look when viewed from the sides. Air is trapped inside the pleats, providing a more effective insulation from the solar heat during the summer season, but trapping heat inside the living space during the winter season.

What’s more? If you’re one of those households who would like to try out modern living at its fullest, then you might want to try electric blinds. These cordless blinds also provide convenience and visual appeal which conventional pleated blinds bring, but they offer a better aesthetic effect by doing away with the strings.

So the next time you shop at your nearest home improvement store or do the convenience of placing orders online, make sure you already have an idea of what to choose among the multitude of options out there. Keep in mind of the colors and shades that would fit perfectly with your home decors. These pleated blinds are simply worth having.

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