Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

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If you are considering options for window treatments for sliding glass doors, you should have no trouble finding many types of available products. Vertical blinds are the most common. There are variations of these, as well as other types of products which work well with those floor to ceiling upvc patio doors. There are choices for any budget, so you do not need to feel that you must wait to cover the space.

What you choose may depend on factors such as the amount of light you want to let in and how much traffic the area receives. While vertical blinds work for many homeowners, others find they get in the way and are too difficult to keep clean and in good repair. There is hardware that must also be installed for such products.

However, today window treatments for patio doors come in different options, such as delicate or elegant fabrics that flow gracefully. There are sheer panel track blinds made of fabric, which may block some light and are definitely a bold statement. When fully extended they provide a solid block of sheer color. When opened the fold produce clean lines.

If you want the area to become the focal point of a room, this may be a great option. There are also sheer sun blocking draperies in many elegant or understated color choices. Both the vertical blinds and the sheer panel track blinds require installation of the tracks used to open and close the window coverings.

While there are many different options in color and fabric, for both vertical blinds and sheers, there are some other more unique options that can either draw attention to the area or help it blend with the room’s decor. Some people have had success by placing a Japanese rice paper screen in front of the area. This helps keep the light from filtering into the room. It also provides privacy and gives the room a unique look.

If possible, you can install Japanese screens into the framework of both doors, so the rice paper is directly against the glass and looks more like a custom fit. You may not be able to move these coverings up, down or sideways, so this option is best if you never want all the light that may come the glass. It does look interesting from the outside of the glass as well. There are many other creative possibilities for these large upvc windows. Consider the room’s decor, your style and how much this area is used when making an appropriate choice for patio door blinds.

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