Several Benefits of Buying Replacement Windows

Windows are more than just an aesthetic feature on our homes. We use windows to let beautiful natural light into our homes and also to provide air circulation when needed. Windows can be a major selling point for a home. In fact, buyers often look specifically for homes with large windows that let in large amounts of natural light. However, poor quality windows can also be a feature that keeps your home from selling. If you have old, drafty, or outdated windows, buying replacement windows is an investment that pays major dividends in the long run. (Get an estimate from a company that specializes in windows to find out more about the cost benefits.) But are there more reasons to buy new replacement windows than just salability? Yes! Here are a few major benefits of investing in the best replacement windows.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

If you’re planning on selling your home any time soon, buying new windows will really increase your curb appeal and your home’s salability. This is especially true if you have old single-pane windows with aluminum frames. This style is outdated and extremely drafty. New windows will add a noticeable aesthetic improvement every time you look at the house. There are also several types of frames available to complement any style of home, whether traditional double hung windows or maybe somthing a little more modern.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

One of the major reasons that people buy replacement windows is because of the improved energy efficiency that new windows can provide. Replacing single-pane windows with upvc double glazed windows or even triple glazed will drastically effect your home’s energy use. In fact, new windows can help you retain heat and keep out solar heat gain by as much as 50%. That’s because these options have highly developed insulating properties. Double and single-pane windows use the latest technology to help increase energy efficiency. The panes are usually separated by a space filled with some type of inert gas such as argon, carbon dioxide, or krypton. This works to insulate in the same way a thermos bottle keeps hot liquid warm. It cuts down the flow of heat keeping warm air inside during the winter and warm air outside in the summer. A window’s thermal performance is rated with a U-factor. Also, modern windows are available with tints that can block UV rays and reduce solar glare.

Reduce Noise

Another major benefit of replacing your house windows is noise reduction. If you’ve ever lived with single-pane windows, you’re probably familiar with just how little noise they actually block. With single-panes you can hear just about every car, every barking dog, and every voice outside of your home with nearly perfect clarity. Modern double and triple-pane windows will offer superior sound deadening to keep the outside noises outside. Once your new replacement windows are installed, you’ll notice a major improvement in the noise level of your home.

Increased Security

Increased security is another major improvement in modern windows. Most modern units are designed to protect against forced entry from an intruder. Many models also come with multiple-point locking systems to keep your windows securely closed and inaccessible from outside. To learn more about replacement windows, find a company that specializes in windows in Lansing and give them a call.

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