Roof Insulation – You Could do better with your Energy Bills?

Let’s face it – most of us could probably do better when it comes to saving energy. Reducing your energy consumption doesn’t just have an effect on the environment, it’ll also reduce the amount of money you have to pay for your energy bills. Here are some top tips for lowering your consumption of energy for next winter.

  1. Insulating your roof is a good idea even in the summer months. When it gets to winter most of us can’t be bothered to work on the house much  – so get your roof insulation put in this summer. You’ll be surprised at how much energy this can save, as the loft is where a lot of heat energy escapes. Remember, heat energy always moves from hot to cold areas, so you need insulation to stop it escaping.
  2. If you’re worried about frozen pipes in the attic don’t heat the whole loft! Instead use trace heating systems to heat up the pipe and leave the rest of the room. This will save a huge amount of energy, and is also a more efficient way of heating the pipes anyway. A correctly installed trace cable plus temperature controller will stop your pipe from freezing in all but the worst conditions.
  3. If you have a room with a TV and computer remember that these machines put out heat like room heaters. You may not need to heat up these rooms as much if you have the computer on at all times – give it a try!
  4. If you have any broken drafty windows now would be the time to get those fixed, Or better yet just replace them with new low cost energy efficient upvc windows.

Hopefully by the time the winter comes around you’ll be ready to face the cold with a more efficient house after following these tips. There’s nothing more satisfying than comparing last year’s energy bills with the latest ones and seeing that you’ve save a lot of money during the winter.

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