Reasons To Love Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films is one of those things people hear about, but don’t know too much about. The funny thing is you see it everywhere and may not even notice. What looks like an etched window might really be an etched glass window film. It looks so good you may think it’s the real thing. It does and it costs a whole lot less too!

So why do I love decorative window film? Because it is an easy way to change to look of a room or a front door or a sliding glass door. When I decorate, I of course want to give a new fresh look to a room, but more importantly without spending a lot of money. Times are tough now, so decorating on a budget is very important. But by using window film, I can get the look of a brand new window for just a fraction of the cost.

One of the easiest ways to transform plain house windows is to use a stained glass window border around a window. Instead of covering the whole glass, you can run a border along the top or bottom or both on say your front picture window. This gives it a very unique look from your neighbors, yet only cost you under $25 to do. You find several colors and patterns to work with.

If you don’t want to use a border, you can go with a stained glass corner accent. This is a window film that you apply to a corner of a window. You can order 4 9 inches by 9-inch squares that can be applied to the glass. This of course isn’t just limited to a window. You can apply these to mirrors or showers too.

What I also like is how easy they are to apply to a window. There is no need to go out and hire someone to install static cling window film. With a little planning and someone to help you, you can do this. Just follow the directions and don’t rush it.

If you want to decorate, but are on a tight budget, think about using decorative window film.

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