Portable Dorm Fridge Freezers For College

Installing a dorm fridge in your college dorm room is one of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your life at school. Portable fridge freezers when used this way allow you to take all the refrigeration functionality you are used to at home along with you to college.

Life without a dorm refrigerator means that you will be living without a lot of your favorite food.  There will be no cold drinks, no milk, no ice-creams, and no frozen pizzas.  For many people the realities of this are simply unacceptable – this is where the portable refrigerator shines.

When selecting fridges for the dorm room, there are inevitably significant space constraints.  For this reason you will need to stop for compact fridges. A small fridge of this type can be picked up for less than a hundred dollars with a bit of savvy shopping.

When selecting the small fridge for your room though, be sure that you get one that contains a small freezer compartment also. Doing so will ensure that you can freezer and not just chill your supplies, and you will also be able to create ice using an ice cube tray.

These portable mini fridge freezers will conveniently fit into the smallest corner of even the tiniest room in a dormitory.  When shopping you must take care to consider this; if you have a larger room you may be able to get away with a fridge freezer that is not quite so compact.

Good places to buy a portable fridge freezer are bricks and mortar department stores – Sears is a good example – and specialist appliance stores. If you are one of the many students who do not have easy access to a car, then you may wish to order your dorm fridge online.  Amazon is a great source for refrigerators on the web.

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