Pink Curtains Styles And The Best Color Combinations

Whether they are hot, pale, or standard pink curtains seem to be ruling certain living areas in many home through out the country right now. Mixing blue and pink for a baby’s room, pink and brown for kitchens, baths, and great rooms, or super hot pink for the wild child’s bedroom known as your teenage daughter. Spring and Summer time evokes some to create a semi annual curtain panel combo with pale pinks, yellow, and greens to give a kitchen an almost Easter basket look and feel. Married couples may argue over having the color pink in the main or shared areas of the home, as a compromise use pink sparingly as an accent rather than the main color to come up with a compromise that you both can live with in the future.

Pink Gingham Ready Made Curtains

To give your kitchen area a light country fair décor then of course your answer is going to be pink gingham curtains. For centuries this curtain fabric has made it’s way all over the world into homes for not only curtains, but clothing, table clothes, and kitchen towels. Either rod pocket or eyelet styles will work fine, and are very easy to install. By using double curtain rods, you can jazz up the window dressing even more by adding a second tier of sheer curtain panel next to the house windows. This will allow all the sunlight in and nosey neighbors prying eyes out.

Pink Eyelet Curtains

The most popular and easiest to install pink drapery is the eyelet curtain variety. As they only require minimal curtain hardware for completing installation. After choosing the perfect window covering material, you will want to choose a curtain rod that accentuates not only the uPVC Window treatment, but also the entire room you are redesigning. Adding additional flare, style by purchasing matching finials, and then adding them to each end of your curtain rod.

Combination With Pink Color Curtains

Unless you are creating a room for a single female, or a young girl then you will want to make your pink curtains an amalgamation of navy blue, brown, or even dark greens. Perhaps brown curtains with printed paisleys in a pale pink. Marrying colors that work can be an eye opening experience for the designer and his or her guest, just try to keep a balance so that one color will not wash out the other accent shades when

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