Outdoor Patio Roof Structures to Consider

The discussion about getting a patio cover can go in a variety of directions. You are either looking to build a new roof or patio entirely. Sometimes, you have a clear idea as to what you want and other times, you switch back and forth between having a more fully ‘closed’ type of roof or something that is more open, like with a pergola. The open style roof is a classic type of patio cover and one that is quite flexible as well. A full roof would be required however if you decide in the future to enclose the patio with windows, that is how sunrooms are made.

While pictures of patio roofs designs are helpful, they are not the only important aspect to building or having your roof built. You can get some unique ideas regarding the classic wood materials or you can find ideas in metal, tile and ‘green’ roofs, like solar. We’ll cover some more of these ideas in the latter part of this article.

The whole notion of what type of patio lifestyle you have will help determine how you build your patio and the roof that it has. For example, the typical Ranch-style home has an extended roofline that is often supported by posts over a slab of concrete. This serves as a covered patio area but is quite a bit different than a free standing pergola set out in the backyard space.

The style of your patio structure is largely determined by the type of roof you use. The pergola is often an open, lattice style roof. It is quite flexible to use in a variety of settings. You might also like the Tuscan villa or Spanish feel of a tile roof patio structure. These would require more substantial posts to support the extra weight of the roof.

You don’t have to feel stuck with the traditional choices. Your patio can be even more dressed up using a variety of metal choices, like copper, steel, aluminum and bronze. These are more expensive than other materials but it will also likely be the last roof you ever need. These metals are known to last for 50 plus years. If you are into the environmentally friendly designs, then consider using solar panels on the roof of your patio. You could be generating power from that space atop your patio.

When it comes right down to it, your outdoor patio roof designs are all about providing shade during the day and some level of ambiance at night. The variety of roofs we’ve covered here will all provide you with these things. The design of your patio is to help you fully enjoy your outdoor living environment.

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