New Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Can Reduce Your Energy Costs

If you are like most people, the amount of your utility bills increases substantially during the summer and winter months. When winter temperatures are especially cold, it will cost you more to heat your home. When summer temperatures are particularly toasty, your electricity bill will reflect your increased need for air conditioning. If you feel like your utility bills are higher than they should be, it may be time to replace your windows. As much as one third of the heat you lose from your home escapes through windows and doors, and this heat loss drives up the cost of keeping your home warm. New energy efficient replacement windows can help insulate your home and reduce the amount that you spend each month on heating and cooling costs. There are many options to consider when replacing your windows, and the cost of your window replacement will depend in part on which types of windows you choose.

Heat Loss

Many older homes have single-pane windows, which allow for large amounts of heat loss in the winter. If you can sit next to your windows and feel the cold air rushing in, chances are you have older, inefficient windows that need to be replaced. In addition to cold air, you may find ice crystals around the window casings or notice that melting ice has created puddles of water in the window sills. These signs are an indication of how much cold air is seeping through your windows and stealing your heat. Newer, double-pane replacement windows provide much more insulation than single-pane windows and will not only save you money on utility bills, they will also increase the resale value of your home if you ever decide to put it on the market.

Window Options

In addition to single-pane or double-pane, there are many styles of windows to choose from when you are replacing the windows in your home. Casement, picture, and bay windows are just a few of the styles you my encounter. A replacement window specialist or interior designer can help evaluate your home and make suggestions about the type of windows that you may want to consider, both for their aesthetic value and their cost saving abilities.

Window Cleaning and Maintenance

Another factor to consider when choosing new windows is the time it will take to clean them. Some windows, including vinyl or upvc windows, will tilt inward and allow you to reach them more easily. Window frames made of vinyl also generally require less maintenance than frames made of wood. When you get ready to replace the windows in your home, you can have a replacement window specialist examine your current windows and assist you in choosing new windows that will meet your needs. In addition to practical considerations, you can get creative with window replacement. If you have always wanted a bay window in your dining room, for example, changing your windows will give you an opportunity to add some nice features to your home. Replacing your windows in Grand Rapids allows you to save money, while at the same time improving the appearance and value of your home.

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