Mold And Mildew Removal

mold and mildew removal

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Biologists that study fungi say that mildews (a particular kind of fungi) that form on the external parts of plants actually turn white after some time. Mildews to the layman are simply fungi that exist on sinks, faucets, walls and other home accessories. The fact that fungi can be found in our environment makes it very important to study them. Their dangers in the home include illnesses such as respiratory disorders and neurological hazards. Apart from the health effects, they can also tarnish the beauty of the home’s accessories thereby causing high costs of home maintenance. Molds are readily attracted to wet objects in the homes. An example of such is the bathroom cabinet. Since the bathroom cabinets should be kept free from this pathogen for optimum protection of the family members, it is important to discuss effective mold and mildew removal strategies.

First, there is need to have warm water and bleach. More so, latex paints and a vacuum cleaner that has brush attachments are important. For safety, one will need to apply a face mask and protective glasses. How to get rid of mold and mildew from bathroom cabinets include:

• Putting on the face mask and goggles.

• Cleaning the surface of the cabinet (or wall) with the warm water and bleach. The bleach is applied by using a soft brush and leaving it for a minimum of twenty minutes. Fanning the mixture of solutions on the applied surface will support more reaction between the mildew and the solutions.

• After this, the brush of the vacuum cleaner should be scrubbed over the surface of the cabinet or wall in circular motions so as to get the right kind of force.

• An important precaution to take is to prevent the wood of the bathroom cabinet from soaking during the cleaning process. This will help prevent it from warping.

• After this, latex paint should be rubbed on the surface of the bathroom cabinet. It is advisable to use paints that can resist mold.

Molds are easily carried away by wind. When they settle, they cling to wet surfaces where they are changed into molds. This explains how difficult mold removal in our environment. Notwithstanding the difficulty, it is still possible to effectively manage them so that they do not cause harm to us. Employing the procedures listed above will definitely help in achieving this important task.

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