Modern Double Hung Windows

The modern day double hung windows are not new just improved. This type of window has been around for a very long time but like anything today it has been brought up to date. this type of window features two sashes that that are off set thus allowing you to raise or lower one in front of the other.

These windows are very energy efficient, not only are the newer windows double glazed, but the design of the window its self is very efficient. If you lower the upper sash part way and raise the bottom sash this gives you a natural ventilation system. In a warm room the hot air will rise to the ceiling looking for a way to escape. Having the top sash lowered provides an opening for the hot air to get out. When the hot air rushes out the top it leaves a void in the room which will pull the cooler air in thru the bottom sash.

Unfortunately this will not work in the winter time but the modern double glazing does seal the window very effectively keeping the heat inside and the cold out. And with the double glazing you don’t need heavy curtains closed all the time to help keep the drafts out so you can let more natural light in during the day time.

A lot of people are afraid to change windows because they think that it will change the look of there homes, although they probable already have double hung windows. The majority of homes built in the U.S and the U.K. were built with these types of windows as they are the most common type. So it is possible to have these windows put in and still maintain the traditional look of your home. Some people on the other hand want to change the look of there home and this is also possible because these windows can be bought in just about any color you want including wood grain, or you can get windows that are one color outside and a different finish inside.

Most modern double hung windows are very low maintenance. They have a tilting feature so that you can tilt the windows in to clean them. No more having to climb a ladder just to wash windows. And if you get a upvc window there is no longer a need to keep them painted.

So if you are in the market for new replacement windows or you just feel like it would save you money in the long run to have better windows, you might want to take a look at some of the new materials that windows are made from nowadays. After all most windows get replaced because they have stopped working like they should or they are starting to show some wood rot in places.

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