Mini Door Blinds – Worth The Money?

Privacy is important for many homeowners. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of interior design is proper modern window treatments for your door windows or panels. It is certainly a challenge finding something that is safe and functional for your door windows that also matches the rest of your home decor. Ready made blinds made for doors are one type of window treatment that can be used to give guests the welcoming feeling of an open entryway when they arrive, but the privacy of a closed shade during the evening hours. Many of the new doors on the market come from the factory with shades or blinds installed. However, that can be an expensive way of upgrading your window treatments.

People tend to think that it would be easy to just put matching curtains, blinds, or balloon shades right up on the door. Unfortunately, door blinds are specifically made to withstand the momentum of an opening and closing door. Using regular curtains you risk scratching, chipping, or denting the door. Worse case scenario, the blind or shade could fall right off the door and hurt someone. Door window treatments must be secured on all 4 sides of the window to be safe.

Door blinds are not only attached to the door on all four sides of the panel, they are also layered between two sheets of plexi-glass to give an even distribution across the surface of the blinds. They operate just like regular blinds except they have a slider to open and close the shade rather than a draw sting. There are aftermarket door blinds sold as a single units that can be easily attached to your existing door to eliminate the high cost of a brand new door.

One alternative to the simple looking door blinds shades, is to build plantation shutters to match the existing window treatments in your home. Shutters are extremely durable and securely fastened to your door. They can also be painted to match the color of your door, or accent it.

Still another choice that you have for your door windows is the use of a window film. when you use this you will not be able to open and close the window treatment like you can a blind but you can choose the amount of privacy that you want when you choose the film that you want. It is easy to install for just about anyone and it is fairly durable. Window film will also provide some insulating properties to the window depending on which film that you choose.

So you can now see that there are more than one way to provide some privacy to your door windows along with some style and good looks that you can choose.

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