Log Homes Pennsylvania

Over the years in Pennsylvania luxury log homes have proven to be very popular. There are a variety of reasons this is the case. If you have ever visited the rural areas of this state then you would know first hand the lovely scenery, mountains, valley, hard wood trees, and rivers that make this a gem of the 50 states. I’m not sure there is anywhere quite as beautiful in the fall. The oaks turn a rusty reds and browns, the popular trees sport their gold, the red maple blends in with a scarlet symphony, and the small sumac bush like trees and deeper red hues. And in the middle of many a clearing a log home is to be found.

Pennsylvania is one of the original 13 colonies. It was founded by William Penn and thus was awarded it’s name: Penn’s Woods or Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is also called the Keystone State. It is located below New York, adjacent to New Jersey, and above Virginia and Washington DC. With proximity to so many large cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, DC, New York City, and Baltimore, to name a few, many people travel through it. The more rural areas of PA have also become out of the way regions that people build vacation log cabins, weekend homes, and retirement log homes. While still not being far away from the major metropolitan areas, such as Montana or Wyoming are, homeowners can still be tucked away from the rest of the world to an extent.

One of the most popular styles of log homes found in PA are the handcrafted log homes. And the two most popular log species for the handcrafts are Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. About ten years ago the Englemann Spruce was the most popular. But more recently home owners have trended towards the richer, darker colored woods such as Fir and Red Cedar. Many times I have people tell me that they don’t want a washed out white color to their logs, such as the pine and spruce lend, but instead they want a rose or golden tent to the logs.

Another reason that the handcrafted log homes are so popular is that they have more character than a milled log home. A milled log home is fine, but for those who spend more time researching log home types many times their path leads them to seek out the world of beauty only possessed by a handcrafted log home.

So if you are considering retiring in a lovely area, rural Pennsylvania might be just the ticket. And when considering log homes be sure to take the time to research handcrafted log homes in Pennsylvania.

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