Large Lean to Conservatory Designs

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Extending your home is a great way to gain a lot of extra space without the hassle or expense associated with finding another property, selling yours and relocating. It is however still a very expensive project to undertake and will cause serious upheaval in and around your home for a few months while the extension is being built. Another option that is becoming more and more popular every year is to build a large upvc conservatory. This can give you a surprising amount of extra living space at only a fraction of the cost of a full extension. The actual work required to build a conservatory is also a lot less involved and can be completed in a far shorter period of time in most cases.

A lean to conservatory is the most commonly seen conservatory type and always have been. They are incredibly simple structures, meaning they can be built quickly and easily at a very low cost. Sometimes you can even complete the manual building work yourself and save even more money on labor costs. These factors mean that large lean to conservatories are the best choice for a great number of homeowners who are looking to gain some extra space at home.

Even though the lean to is one of the most popular conservatory designs, consider some of the other options before you make a decision. The lean to is very basic, so you may want to have a look at Edwardian, Victorian or P-Shaped designs to see if their more extravagant features would look best with your home. These styles are more expensive than lean to conservatory designs but should still save you quite a bit of money if the only other alternatives are moving house or building a full extension. If you are unsure, the lean to is a great place to begin your research though.

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