Keep The Party Going With Patio String Lights For Your Patio

When the sun goes down this shouldn’t mean that the backyard soiree is over.  Don’t let the darkness put a damper on your festive or romantic evening. Patio string lights are the perfect solution for those backyard gatherings that will extend into the evening hours.  Whether you choose a battery powered option or the corded electrical system outdoor string lights are a great option that provides just the right amount of light for every occasion, even providing light to the dark areas under a patio cover.

The soft glow produced by these string lights really adds ambiance and character to any patio regardless of your set up or coordinating accessories.  It is also a very cost effective way to give some pep to a drab backyard.  Your family and friends will enjoy the beautiful atmosphere created by these lights as the soft glow mingles with the hew of the moonlight  and starlight.  Umbrella string lights are very easy to install and create the right mood for any occasion.  The lights can be strung along the spine of any patio umbrella and secured to the base to provide a subtle glow.  They can also be used to decorate your patio, gazebo, tent, shrubs or trees.

Patio umbrella string lights will give you and your guests hours of outdoor enjoyment even after the sun goes down.  Some of the most popular brands on the market include the Harbor Light Umbrella lighting system which installs easily to any patio umbrella and is weather resistant.  This lighting system is also incredibly resilient because even if one bulb is extinguished the rest within the chain remain lit.  One extinguished bulb doesn’t interrupt the link.  The Harbor patio umbrella lights come packaged in a set of 160 lights in total with 5 replacement bulbs and a multi-cord receptacle with 2 replacement fuses.

Another popular choice in umbrella string lights is the Night Lights Battery Operated LED umbrella lights.  This lighting system is popular among those that do not wish to fuss with electricity or cords.  The easy install LED lights add character and ambiance to any patio umbrella.  Complete with 48 LED lights, and a life expectancy of about 30,000 hours this system has been a very popular choice for many.

So if you want the party to continue even after the day dawns patio umbrella string lights are the right choice to add that festive and romantic element to any backyard gathering.

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