Iron Decorative Curtain Rods Are Awesome

When you’re looking for the best curtain rods, you should check out the iron curtain rod.  Unlike the cheap, powder white aluminum curtain rods, these rods are stronger, less ugly, and less prone to breaking if your kid or friend accidentally yanks on the curtains to either simply yank on the curtains the way kids are prone to do, or trip and automatically reach out to the curtains to stop the fall. Iron rods will hold up to that far better than aluminum rods, and look a lot better.

There are also a lot of elegant, decorative curtain rods available in iron that aren’t available in any other types of metal.  There are elegant brass ones available, but the amount of options in the metal is much bigger.  The art of working iron, into different lace and other designs, has been around for a very long time, and coming up with different ways to make it look good has also been around for a long time, so iron is a much more workable metal than the other ones.

There are different things you can do with iron rods, such as the various adjustable versions.  These will let you have different lengths and different heights so your different windows in your kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedroom can all match without having too much trouble.  By having a unifying curtain pattern through the house, you can make a lot of your house blend well, without ruining any one room’s style.

The only room you should not put iron curtain rods in is the bathroom.  Even if you’re not using it for the shower curtain rod, the water condensing on the metal will get it to rust, and if you have curtains hanging from them, they’ll end up with rust stains. Even vinyl can get rust stains, and those can be really frustrating to take out.

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