How UPVC Replacement Windows Can Cut Your Heating Costs

If your home feels cold and draughty you could be throwing hard earned cash out your house windows. With heating costs heading in an upward direction most home owners are looking for ways to reduce heat loss and cut their fuel bills. One solution to this problem is to install new upvc replacement windows.

In most parts of the country we tend to have a windy climate, with winds generally blowing from the same direction, this means that winds consistently attack the same side of our homes. This consistent wind is looking for ways to penetrate the exterior envelope of your house, if the seals around your older replacement windows are not tight, this will be all too apparent on windy days.

Most people see evidence of this with moving blinds and curtains which is an indicator that wind is getting in around the window area. Cold air from outside can penetrate quite easily, cooling down the temperature inside. In contrast if we do not have any air circulation. this can result in a formation of mold and mildew around the area where window frame and wall meet.

The majority of our homes are not airtight but obvious gaps around the window openings can be corrected, if any of these openings are not properly sealed you will lose heat and waste money. The main reason a window becomes draughty is that the window hinges have failed.  The  second most common reason for draughty windows is missing window seals or window seals that have perished.

A typical window hinge on aluminum or UPVC windows allows the window to open and close along a friction track. Over time dirt can get into the moving parts of the hinge and cause it to jam. When this happens the end of the hinge is stretched and the window opening won’t close tightly against the frame. At this stage the hinge is beyond repair and all you can do is replace the pair of hinges.

Apart from draughts, noise coming in from outside can be a source of annoyance which is also one of the tell tale signs that your window hinges have failed. Preventing the hinge getting to this stage is possible by cleaning and lubrication the moving parts of the hinge. By doing this you can get years more from your hinges

Most window draught problems can be repaired at a reasonable cost so adding new vinyl replacement windows, even though it would solve the problem, would not make economic sense unless they are just beyond repair.

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