How To Spruce Up The Outside Of Your House

Now that summer is in full swing, people are spending more and more time outside of their houses, doing those jobs that they have been putting off all winter, or just enjoying the garden and the nice weather.

So now that you have ventured outside of your house for the first time in months, you might suddenly notice that for all your nice interior design and DIYing, your house’s exterior is looking a touch shabby.

If that sounds like you, then here are a few ways you might consider to get your home looking bold and new again.

Paint It Up

If the exterior of your home has a painted finish, then even if your paint work looks ok as it is, a fresh coat of paint can make a surprising difference to the look of your home and will really freshen it up. This is something you can do yourself and it is relatively cheap.


If you have wooden, case or sash windows, these can gradually deteriorate over time, and again, a fresh lick of paint can do wonders. If you have more modern UPVC windows then just a good clean might be all it takes to get them looking like new, remember to get all round the frames and sills!


Little bits where the guttering has cracked or is wonky can spoil an otherwise perfect exterior and can also cause further damage over time – fixing the problem is often incredibly easy though, you will just need a long ladder and someone to hold the bottom.


This is probably not as cheap an option, but it is certainly one considering if your current driveway is shabby. Remember, the driveway is often one of the first bits of your home that visitors will notice on arrival. Of course just a jet wash and some weed killer can make all the difference in many cases.


It is just common sense really, but just because you are not a builder, doesn’t mean you can’t improve the outside of your house. You might be surprised by how fixing small things can make a big difference.

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