How to Plan a Small Kitchen Design

When it comes to refurbishing or redecorating your home, there is no area that needs more planning taken into consideration than the design of your kitchen. If you are working with a small kitchen space then the design is even more important, the usability needs to be worked into that smaller space. We are going to look at some of the things that need to be considered when designing for a small kitchen with limited space.

User ability is going to be the key factor when designing your kitchen; you need to consider what the functions are going to be. Consider these following points; are we going to eat in the kitchen? Are we going to do laundry in the kitchen? How much space do we need to cook and prepare food? What major appliances are we using in the kitchen?

It is important to establish the space needed for your small kitchen and how you can reduce that to fit in the available space. A good example of utilizing the area might be; you need room for the family to eat in the kitchen but limited space prevents this, it might be a good kitchen design to have an open kitchen into the next room in the house, using a kitchen island design to separate the space and provide a dining area. This dining area can also double up as a food preparation area saving other main areas of the kitchen for important installations such as a cooker and sinks.

To consider the other roles of the kitchen will determine the appliances needed in the space, for instance you may need a washing machine or prefer to have a dishwasher. The under counter space can be reserved for appliances if cupboard space can be contained to over head cupboards. Again with an open kitchen island design you can have cupboards built directly above the island for storage of pots and pans. Because of the island design it will not look out of place but just further determine the kitchen space from the living space in the open plan.

The island design has become very popular in the modern contemporary home; because the kitchen plays a major part in the social role of a household it is important for it to be accessible to both visitors and family. It is common place to have people into your home and chat over a coffee whilst the home owner does work in the kitchen. This can still be a possible scenario even in a smaller kitchen and doesn’t have to be limited to households with an abundance of kitchen space. You will find that with careful planning you can accommodate almost every required task by your kitchen for optimal user ability.

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