Home improvement projects: Deciding on a window treatment

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Most rooms in the home have at least one window. Especially in smaller or strangely shaped rooms it can turn out as a real challenge to decide on a proper window treatment. Of all the home improvement projects you take on this will likely be one of the least laborious but it will still take some time and effort to decide on the right house window treatment for any room.

The best way to get started is to do a quick rundown of your room. Take a look at the room from all angles and see how much natural light comes in through the day, whether the windows are proportionate if there is more than one, what the overall style of the room is and of course what your budget is. Depending on how much money you have to spend you can always take things further and add in more windows or create false windows if you have to.

It is usually best to decide on a upvc window treatment based on the existing theme and material of this room. Some people find a really nice fabric they like and design the room around that but usually the window design comes last. And with walls that are other than wood, you’ll need to consider tools such as concrete anchor bolts that allow you to attach the treatment any type of wall.

Blinds work well for a more casual look or if you want extra privacy you can mount a set of electric blinds underneath a window shade or blind. For a more dramatic and romantic look, opt for over-sized window curtains. You can also accessorize them nicely with a tassel in the middle or side ties. There are streamlined window shades for a modern look and lace is whimsical and romantic.

There are more than enough options to choose from and the most important thing is that the style works well with your chosen room. You shouldn’t have country wallpaper and a romantic side-swept curtain because it doesn’t look right together. Keep the décor of a room flowing nicely and cohesively.

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