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In the last 10 or 20 years the chandelier has started to get really popular again, a lot of this is down to the huge range of styles we can choose from and the lovely elegance that great chandeliers bring to any room. Today we see chandeliers appearing in almost every room in our homes, this is quite a change from where we used to use them. When a lot of people hear chandeliers being mentioned they will automatically think of the classic look they give to rooms, if you want to achieve this look there are some things you will want to know.

There are two main types of chandelier too choose from these days. There are vintage chandeliers and modern chandeliers. Modern chandeliers will normally be made from chrome, glass or in some cases crystal. Chandeliers like this are perfect if you have a modern home and you are looking to get a really modern look in it, but they are very often quite expensive, more so if you use genuine crystals over glass or plastic. Contemporary chandeliers fill a pretty wide time-scale. If the decor in your home is from the 1940s to today then you should be able to find a contemporary chandelier to fit it.

There is two different classes of vintage chandelier. Antique chandeliers will normally be pretty large and heavy. If you buy a light like this then I would suggest getting a professional to install it for you. If you buy a chandelier that has been restored then it can be very expensive. They come in several versions too, from the old candle holders to electric lights. You could get lucky and find a nice light at an estate clearance sale or hidden away in someone’s garage that you can buy for cheap and restore it. The alternative type of vintage chandeliers are the copies, normally these will be made using much lighter materials.

Chandeliers look great and really make a room stand out. These days a lot of places sell chandeliers and you can spend from $100 on a smaller piece to several thousand on a lovely crystal chandelier for using in a large dining room.

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