Getting Your Dream Bathroom with a Shower Shelf

Many people make New Year’s resolutions. Many resolve to lose weight, some to be more patient or kinder to coworkers, some to be more organized. While you should promise to make your life better throughout the whole year and not only at the beginning of a new one, being organized is an important value that everyone should strive for. One way to become organized in your life is to organize your home. The bathroom is a very good place to start.

The bathroom is an important space, and you when you are designing a new bathroom or renovating a current one, you may be tempted to add a lot of fixtures and pieces that you believe will enhance it. Bathroom showers may be upgraded with walk in shower enclosures, or a shower cubicle, bathroom vanity units, shaving ledges, thermostatic shower mixers, or benches. One way to keep your bathroom complete and at the same time organized, however, is to install a shower caddy.

Finding the perfect shower shelf or caddy for your bathroom is an exciting phase in designing your bathroom. Shower caddies come in many different styles and designs. Shower caddies may be built in to a bathroom wall, or it may be a movable shower caddy. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A built in shower caddy is stable and may be placed in a convenient and accessible space in the bathroom. However, because it is built in to the wall it cannot be moved should you wish to relocate it in order to fill the space with another fixture or piece. A movable shower caddy can be moved to any space in the bathroom. It may be a hassle, however, because it is more unstable than a built in shower caddy.

Before you decide which shower caddy to get, think of what kind of convenience you wish to have in your bathroom. If you have a lot of bathroom products it is generally advisable to get a built in shower caddy, while if you do not have a lot of bathroom products it is best for you to get a movable shower caddy.

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