Features of Wooden Blinds for Sale

Blinds are a vital part of most homes, letting the sun in at day and keeping peeping toms out at night.  Besides being a purely functional household item, blinds can be quite decorative. With the wide variety of colors and styles available, users have the option of color coordinating their home with their blinds. Some of the most beautiful of these blinds are the ones made from wood. Wooden blinds have real or artificial wooden slats that resemble different species of woods in different stains. Colors range from bright pine to solid white. Wood is a universal type of material that works well in just about any type of surrounding. People starting a home project can find wooden blinds for sale at most home improvement retailers and online.

Wood blinds are separated into three distinct categories. The first is the kind we all know well- pull-style blind systems. These blinds open and close by turning a plastic or wooden pole. The blinds can be opened to expose the entire window by pulling on a cord. These are perhaps the most popular style of wooden blinds for their flexibility and familiarity. Also popular are the shutter style blinds which are opened and closed by shifting a central pole. Blinds with this type of mechanism open and close very easily but cannot expose the window completely. Less popular but beautiful nonetheless are the roll-up blind systems which use woven wood like bamboo to create a flexible shade.

Natural wood blinds can range from materials like cost-effective pine to more exotic mahogany. While beautiful, these natural woods can be quite expensive. Blinds with faux wood can be almost as beautiful without the cost. Made with a plastic core covered in wood veneer, these systems are also lighter in weight and require no maintenance like oiling. Natural woods can degrade over time from exposure to UV rays, even when coated with protectors. Woods that have not been painted must be treated with oils to keep them in good shape.  In many cases people opt for white wooden blinds out of the chute for this exact reason.

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