Energy Effecient PVC Windows

With the economy in the shape that it is in today, and it doesnt look to be improving any time soon, the average homeowner is looking for ways to cut back on the heating bills, along with other expenses. One way to do this is to improve the insulation in your home, and to replace those drafty old windows. If you can feel a breeze or a cold spot around your windows then they are letting heat out as well as letting the cold in. One way to fix this problem is just to replace those windows with new pvc windows. Not only will this cut down on drafts by having a tighter fitting window, but with today’s double glazing it also increases the insulating properties of the pvc window.

When you start to look at the insulating ability of these windows you will hear two different terms mentioned, R value and U value. The R value you have probably herd before, it is used in measuring the insulating value of most things such as the walls or the efficiency of insulating material. In other words it is the resistance to heat flow, the higher the better. The U value on the other hand is the inverse of R value and measures the amount of heat transfer, or how much heat is escaping so the lower the number the better.

A few of the other things to look for when you are considering upvc windows from an insulating stand point is the ability of the window to block the heat from the sun, this will be important in the warmer seasons. This is called solar heat gain. Another thing to watch for is how much condensation that the window will produce, ideally there will be no condensation but that is hard to achieve. The next thing is how much light that the window lets in, of course you want as much light as you can get but this is something else to consider. Lastly you want a window that is easy to operate and doesn’t stick while it is being opened and closed but still tight fitting enough that you dont have any air leaks.

These are all things that you might want to consider when you are looking at windows from an insulating stand point. Not only does the window panes or double glazing need to be looked at but also the framework as well, to make sure that it does not defeat the purpose of keeping your home well insulated.

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