Easy Way to Clean Your Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds make good coverings for the upvc windows in your home or even in the office. This window covering makes your room more at peace because of the design. Also in the offices, vertical shades are used because it makes the offices look more smart and clean.Try a plantation shutters for your window.

Aside from the advantages this window covering offers, what is most important with this window covering is it’s easy to clean. Cleaning the vertical screens may differ in ways according to the materials used. For vertical screens that are made from vinyl and aluminum, all you have to do is use a feather duster to dust off the dusts in the blades. After that you may use soap and a sponge to clean the dust that build up to the blades. You can hang them to dry.

For fabric vertical screens, you can use a vacuum cleaner to take care of the dust. If it is mentioned in its manufacture that it can be washed then you can machine wash the vertical shade. On the other hand, if machine washing is not mentioned then you can just use spot cleaners to clean the dirt.

And finally for the wood vertical blinds, they can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner then use a damp cloth to take care of any dust that is stuck to the vertical blind. After cleaning, dry the vertical blind. Then if the vertical blind is dry, you can polish it with a furniture polish to make it somehow shiny. Through this, the wood vertical shade will look nice and elegant.

Cleaning the vertical shade is actually not that hard. That is why too many people use vertical blinds because they knew that aside from its a very good vertical screen to create shade, it is not very hard to clean, therefore making it hassle-free.

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