Double Glazed uPVC Windows and Doors

uPVC windows and doors

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uPVC windows and doors have now become very popular.  Nowadays, more of us are choosing uPVC windows because they have some basic qualities which the traditional choices such as aluminum do not have., namely:

• greater energy efficiency
• safer to use
• more cost effective
• minimal maintenance

Energy Efficiency:

A uPVC door or window will provide great insulation in winter and at the same time they keep the room temperature low during the summer months. This is because they have better thermal insulation than materials like wood and aluminum. In summer time, the heat of the strong sun is reflected keeping your home cooler throughout the summer. This means you save more energy in your home during a time when our energy prices are reaching sky high proportions. If you replace your upvc double glazed windows, they could be recycled making it a popular eco-friendly option.


Woods frames always require ongoing maintenance. Aluminum frames are better as they are quite flexible and require lesser maintenance but they do have a habit of rusting and going dull at some point in their lifetime. Windows with upvc double glazing are very durable and easy to maintain. As they are made of a plastic substance, there is a very little chance of damage from the cruel elements. They are also easier to clean with a wet cloth and some light cleaning liquids.


In many cases, uPVC doors and windows are much cheaper than aluminum and wooden frames and at Double Glazing Glasgow we can help you get the cheapest without compromising quality. The initial expenditure of these uPVC doors and windows could be much lower than you imagined.Our local manufacturers can also offer this product to you at a far lower price than most of the large companies.


The strength and firmness of uPVC is now a worthy competitor to aluminum and other materials in the matter of security. Woods can never compete in this region as they can be broken and cut through easily. The safety of your doors and windows rely on the quality of lock you use. If you are combining your uPVC frame with a locking system of poor quality then it will not be able to provide you with the full benefits, so always opt for the safe multi-point locking system to maximize your security.


There are so many benefits of using uPVC windows and frames over traditional materials like aluminum and wood for the doors and windows of your home. So,plan to purchase uPVC Windows for your home.

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