Decorative Curtain Panels used for Different Types of Doors

When it comes to door panel curtains there are a few different styles that can come to mind. The classic panel is an item used in combination with glass inserts in a door. The curtain panels are used to provide a degree of privacy and to filter light. The type of material you choose for placing on a door will depend on how much privacy or filtering you want to create. In instances where upvc French doors are used to partition off a bedroom from an outside balcony, a sheer type of panel is often used. The sheer is used more as a decorative accent rather than as a way of creating privacy because this area is generally located on an upper level.

The sheers and semi-sheers are also used on windows adjacent to a solid front door. These will be in the form of the longer panels and can be gathered in the center and tied to create a more decorative look. The shorter styles of curtains are often used on side or back doors that have a top window section. These curtains will be constructed of a denser material making the fabric a solid rather than a sheer. This item can come as a solid colored product or as one with a particular pattern or design on it.

The type of curtain rods most commonly used with the panels for doors is the one that slips into hemmed curtain pockets. To create a particular design you can place a rod at the top and bottom of the glass section. Some retro looking panels come with tab tops that also slip onto a rod for hanging. These retro styles are made to resemble the look of a woven tapestry and add an interesting effect to a door area. They are often embellished with decorative borders and images to make the piece more interesting and unique.

Another type of curtain panel that is popular with doors are the eyelet curtains. These are easy to hang and give the room the cafe look which makes them quite popular as kitchen curtains, or used on a back door.

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