Cordless Mini Blinds Save Lives

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Mini blinds are available in various styles as well as in a wide array of sizes and finishes. Depending on the type and size of blinds one is interested in, the prices can range anywhere from $10 to well into the low $100’s. One popular style that has proven to outdo the others and has also been proven to save lives, are cordless blinds. They’re very different from the average corded mini blinds in that their of course cordless, but also, they’re normally better constructed out of higher end materials. Cordless mini blinds are usually easier to clean due to their better material manufacturing and overall design. They’re also quite better at filtering light and insulating the home or office from the heat of the sun or the extremes of the cold weather months.

Perhaps the most important aspect of cordless mini blinds is that they’re safer than their corded counterparts. Every year many, many children and pets as well, are caught in the cords of cheap mini blinds. They’re strangled and often don’t survive. The cords become wrapped around their necks and cut off their circulation. This is a devastating fact that is unfortunately a very harsh lesson to learn. To make them cordless, manufacturers have replaced the cords that dangle with a spring motor system. This enables a simple push or pull on the bottom bar to either raise or lower the blinds. For homes with pets and small children, either only purchase cordless mini blinds for the windows in your home, or at the very least, cut the cords on the mini blinds as directed on the package instructions. There are free blind conversion kits available online so that you’ll be able to better protect your loved ones

Cordless window blinds come in many standard sizes but can also be custom fitted to any sized window. When shopping for the right ones for your uPVC Windows, be sure to start the search online because many Internet window treatments retailers offer the widest variety at the very best prices available. Also, if you’re planning on ordering quite a few sets for all of your home’s windows, be sure to ask for discounted pricing as well as low or no cost shipping deals

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