Contemporary Window Treatment Ideas

Vertical blinds

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Contemporary window treatments are the perfect choice for those looking to bring a chic, contemporary look to their home. Trendy shades and blinds will accent the interior of any home by adding appeal, character and style for many years to come. But with so many window treatment options, how will you choose? Here are some crucial considerations for choosing contemporary window treatments:


Colors are extremely important. When you take a look around, your first choice may be to choose colors that are more neutral in tone. The amount of colors and fabric choices has expanded in recent years. One doesn’t have to rely on shades of gray, black, white and brown to make a statement. Now, designers have added more life to these choices by using different hues such as pastels.

Match Your Room

Take a look at the room. If it is modern in design, then it is best not to choose fabrics that are frilly and full of ruffles. Materials like scarves, double and triple ties and sheers, can all take away from the timeless elegance of a room. Instead, keep things simple. If you want to add more dimensions, choose a fabric that has a print. The main focus should be the print of the modern window treatments and not the fabric. Another type of window treatment to consider is cellular shades, which are also referred to as honeycomb blinds. These blinds have been used for many years due to their timeless elegance and sturdiness. Honeycomb shades can be customized with special features to improve their functionality and appeal.

Slats & Style

Don’t forget that there are horizontal wooden blinds that can be used to improve the view in any modern room. These blinds can be found with slats that vary in size, with the larger 2 inch size providing a plantation shutter appeal. There are many different colors and stains of wooden shades to choose from. The can add a more modern and classy appeal to the decor. If you want something that looks more like curtains, consider getting some Roman blinds. They are very affordable, easy to install and maintain.

Consider Blinds

One doesn’t always need to increase appeal by adding drapes or curtains. One could opt for blinds instead. Blinds that are made from bamboo and wood are great additions to have. Wooden and bamboo shades are much stronger and durable than many other types that are available. They also come with enhancements, such as design, colors that will add further appeal to any room they are in. They come in different widths, so choose carefully to get the best look. You can also add sheers and valences to help create a more modern theme for the room.

Don’t forget that no contemporary window treatment is complete without a spectacular view. Regardless of whether it is a view of the ocean, a stunning sunset or an exquisite landmark, consider using that view to your advantage. Some modern window treatments provide UV protection with an unobstructed view — the best of both worlds! In addition to colors, views, and curtains, don’t forget to consider the different materials modern window treatments are available in.

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