Complete Your Decor with Large Area Rugs

Bright and colorful large area rugs are becoming more and more popular as home accessories. They have a fun and jazzy effect and can be used in a number of ways.

One such popular trend is green area rugs. These come in many different shades from deep emerald green to light leafy lettuce, from forest to teal, olive to khaki. Each shade has its own advantages and can complement your decor in a number of ways.

Using a green rug is a good way to bring a natural outdorsy feel to a living room or sitting room. Green has been known as a calming and soothing color and using it in your decor will help create that charming and elegant effect.

There are many different types of area rugs such as Persian and Oriental, braided, woven, hooked, shag, chenille,  and tufted rugs. They can also be made out of a variety of materials including jute or bamboo, wool, cotton, yarn, sisal, sea grass, silk, berber and even leather. They are also available in nearly any shape imaginable with rectangular and round area rugs being the most popular.

Green rugs can be placed in nearly any area of your house. They look wonderful in living rooms and parlors, are a nice addition to guestrooms and bedrooms, or as kitchen rugs. They also work well in outdoor sitting areas, and can even be used in bathrooms and hallways.

When purchasing an area rug make sure the rug is of good quality and make. Also consider the size of the space you plan to use the rug.And finally, make sure the colors, style and pattern of the rug match well with the rest of your room’s decor.

Good quality rugs can be found in a number of places including local bazaars and markets, home furnishing stores and even online. Some brands that have very nice and good quality green rugs are: Sphinx, Momeni, Flagship carpets and Exotic Weaves.

Using large area rugs is a great way to add color and class to a room. They can complement or nicely offset your room’s decor and are a great way to express your personal style and artistic touch.

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