Cleaning Window Screens: A Few Simple Tips

This guide on cleaning window screens may seem like a daunting endeavor to a homeowner, especially if he or she has never completed the task. Below are some tips that will make the job easier and more fun. The first step is to gather the necessary materials.You will need the following:

• large bucket of warm water
• Lint Free Towels
• Medium-bristle brush
• Soap

Removing Windows in Order

Most dwellings, such as new homes, have various screens and windows throughout, all of which feature different sizes. This can sometimes make learning how to clean window screens a bit difficult. In homes with different size windows, the most essential consideration is to avoid mixing up the screens.

There are a variety of ways and techniques to go about this, but regardless of the method one chooses, he or she must begin with removing the screens from the windows. Once removed, they should be stacked close to the windows on which they were found. If removed from the outside, each one should be placed under the appropriate window.

Choosing the Most Suitable Place for Cleaning Screens

One of the best places to complete a window screen cleaning project is outdoors on a warm day. The bucket should be filled with warm water to which a mild dish detergent has been added. Only a few drops of the latter are needed. Beginning with the first batch of screens, the brush should be dipped into the water, and each side of the screen should be lightly scrubbed.

Next, the water should be shaken off the screen, but one must take care not to whip the screen to aggressively as this can result in damage. To locate the back of the screen, one must simply look for the rubber cord, which is used to keep the screen within its frame.

After the water has been tapped from the screen, the homeowner must remember to wipe the screen’s frame. Once this has been done, the unit is ready to be replaced.

What Do You Do With The Really Dirty Ones

The above tips will work for most window screen cleaning projects. However, there are always exceptions to every rule. Some screens are particularly dusty and dirty. The best course of action if this is the case is to pre-dust each side. A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment can come in very handy when this step is needed.

Faded or stained screens can be challenging to clean. This is especially true where vinyl screens are concerned, as they often look dirty even after they have been cleaned. One must keep this in mind if he or she is planning to sell the home. This is because in order to compete with other homes for sale, a property must have curb-appeal. Homes for sale that feature properly cleaned screens will look more attractive than those featuring dirty or dusty screens.

Additional Tips

Cooking grills should not be placed near windows. This is because caked-on grease can be very difficult to remove from window screens. A degreaser can be used for screens that already have this problem. In the future, however, grills and outdoor cooking equipment should not be placed near windows. Whether cleaning screens on new homes or older homes, the aforementioned tips will be helpful.

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