Choosing Different Window Styles for Your Home

Of all the decisions you need to make regarding your home, you may have thought that choosing a window style would be one of the easiest. However, it can actually be a very daunting task when you come to realize how many options there really are. There are many available window styles to choose from including, but not limited to, fixed, sash, casement, tilt, and roof windows. You may end up choosing only one or a combination of styles for your home.


When windows were first invented, fixed windows were the only option. A fixed window cannot be opened or closed. It is sealed shut and only allows light to enter. These windows are commonly placed in high areas where they wouldn’t be opened anyway.


Sash windows are made of two or more panes of glass that overlap slightly. A single-hung sash window has only one pane that is moveable while the other is set in its location. However, double hung windows have two sashes that can be opened and closed. Additionally, a variation of the sash window has been created; it is called the horizontal sliding sash and has two or more window panes that slide horizontally to be opened and closed.


Like sash windows, there are also several types of casement windows. Casement windows consist of large frames that have several panes of glass encased in them. These windows can have one frame that opens altogether or it can be comprised of two frames set next to each other that open individually. An awning is a casement window that only has one frame; it is hinged at the top and opens up and outward. A hopper window is a casement window that opens by tilting either inward or outward.


Tilt windows are windows in which the window must tilt to open. Some windows tilt inward and then slide behind a fixed pane. Tilt and turn windows tilt inward and then swing open on hinges. Another form of windows that are similar to tilt windows are called transom windows. These windows generally open and rotate on hinges. However, they are primarily located above a door and are meant to provide ventilation.


In addition to windows located on walls and doors, there are also several types of windows in Grand Rapids that are located on roofs. These windows are primarily used to harness daylight inside a building. The most common form used today is the skylight. These are constructed to either be flat or spherical in shape and are built as part of the roof. Additionally, windows are sometimes built into a sloping roof. These are called roof windows and in addition to providing sunlight they can be used as emergency escape routes. Though it is less common, some buildings are made with complete structures built on top of the roof. These structures have many variations and names such as clerestories, roof lanterns, and cupolas. Their purpose is to provide a space filled with daylight or moonlight, similar to sunrooms.

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